Running an Ad Campaign

I just began an advertisement campaign for the Kindle version of my mythical Polynesian fantasy series, Islands of Fire. This is the first time I’ve actually advertised or marketed a book, save for mentioning it here or there on relevant forums online. The ad campaign is pretty modest, as far as they go — I’m doing Kindle lock screen previews that have a picture of the first book, Escape from Toko-Mua, and a short blurb:

An island of evil. A desperate flight. A strange relic stolen from a sinister cult. For wily Kina, escaping her captors is only the beginning…

It’s weird and exciting. Though I’m keeping my expectations in check from one little ad campaign, I’m proud of this series, which is high in action, adventure, and mystery, and believe it would resonate with most fantasy readers. I’m looking for other places to advertise, and have set aside a small budget for it. Banner ads, etc.

It would be better if I had at least one more series to offer, but everyone has to start somewhere. In fact, just yesterday I had an idea for (what I believe would be) an amazing pulp action serial set in the 1930s, a sort of Indiana Jones-esque series but with its own identity. I’d love to start writing it immediately, but at the moment my focus is on setting up the college English courses which start Monday, and then I also have two formal writing projects (one long, one short) for other companies on tight deadlines.

At any rate, if you’re a fantasy reader on Kindle, let me know if Islands of Fire pops up on your lock screen! And spread the word…

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