Issue 1 of the Savage Sign is now available

Since December, I’ve been on the development team of an exciting new magazine for the Savage Worlds RPG called The Savage Sign, and I have to say, it looks absolutely amazing. This premier issue features four new settings, several standalone adventures, and tons of content. My contributions are the short Sword & Sorcery adventure “The Bride,” along with the write-ups for vampires and werewolves from the post-apocalyptic monster horror setting, Virulent.

We’re already working on the next issue, which we hope to put on Kickstarter soon. It will feature my mini-setting, Islands of Fire, a Polynesian-inspired fantasy setting many years in the making. Future issues will include other material from me.

Link below, if you’d like to check it out. If you’re a Savage Worlds fan, this is a great resource.

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