Torg Eternity

My published material for Torg Eternity:

Run Through the Jungle: 228387A squad of shocktroopers has been spotted scouring the jungles of the Living Land, and all signs indicate they’re on the trail of an Eternity Shard. Sent to stop them, the Storm Knights track the shocktroopers back to the vine-choked farmhouse they were using as a staging area. Will the heroes be able to take the mysterious artifact from the Nile Empire goons before they escape?

This short adventure is playable in one evening, and is perfect for introducing new players to the world of Torg Eternity. It can also be used in conjunction with a longer adventure or as a side mission. A decent challenge for beginning “Alpha” Clearance Storm Knights.


Coming Soon

The Fires of Ra: The Storm Knights are sent to Venice to stop a pulp villain, the Hooded Cobra, from stealing an ancient canopic jar, one of a collection linked to a pharaoh from the Egypt That Never Was. However, as the stalwart heroes journey to Cairo, into the trackless wastes of the Sahara Desert, deep into the jungles of the Congo, the island of Hespera off the coast of Crete, to the capital of Thebes, and East Africa, the Storm Knights discover that the jars are just the start of a cunning plan that will shake the status quo of the region!