Savage Worlds

My published material for Savage Worlds:


Dogs of War: An old underground kennel for training battle dogs holds a dark secret. A fantasy one-shot, published in Savage Insider #10, April 2014.




The Damned: During WWII, the Nazis thought they found the resting place of the Holy Grail, but what they found was decidedly unholy. A horror one-shot, published in Savage Insider Vol. 2 Issue 2, February 2015.



The World Trembles: The insane titan Ashur threatens to end the world, destroying everything the heroes hold dear, unless it can be stopped. A Legendary-Rank fantasy adventure, published in Savage Insider Vol. 3 Issue 1, April 2015.



Bloody Bones: The crew is sent on a mysterious covert mission and become accessories to a dark pact. A pirate one-shot for the Buccaneers: Through Hell & High Water setting by Yellow Piece Games, 2018.




Company Loves Misery: When strange out-of-town kin come to visit a dying relative, the kids soon realize they aren’t here to offer condolences. A horror one-shot for the upcoming Monster Hunters Club setting by CCS Games, 2018.



And I have tons more for free over at my Savage Worlds blog, Get Savaged!

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