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My published material for Savage Worlds:

Expedition: South Pacific is a mini-campaign for the Rippers Resurrected setting by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Behind the idyllic, palm-studded shores of these remote islands, an ancient evil plots its return. The protégé of one of the Rippers’ most notorious enemies seeks to revive his master’s insidious experiments. The Rippers must track a lost expedition across the vast Pacific to stop him, and perhaps put an end to this evil forever.

Available at or DriveThruRPG.


308360-thumb140The Cat Came Back: When a recently-whacked rival seemingly returns from the grave, the wiseguys find themselves dancing to his tune… or else! A gangster one-shot for the Wiseguys setting by Just Insert Imagination, 2020.





273119The Bride: When a prince’s bride-to-be is kidnapped by a vile sorcerer, the heroes ride out to her rescue, only to find things are not as they appear. A sword & sorcery one-shot, published in Savage Sign Vol. 1 by Sigil Entertainment Group, 2019.





229823Bloody Bones: The crew is sent on a mysterious covert mission and become accessories to a dark pact. A pirate one-shot for the Buccaneers: Through Hell & High Water setting by Yellow Piece Games, 2018.




fc39fb19b3af9bcb6dc1f66e58a872f7_originalCompany Loves Misery: When strange out-of-town kin come to visit a dying relative, the kids soon realize they aren’t here to offer condolences. A horror one-shot for the upcoming Monster Hunters Club setting by CCS Games, 2018.



OPL211131EThe World Trembles: The insane titan Ashur threatens to end the world, destroying everything the heroes hold dear, unless it can be stopped. A Legendary-Rank fantasy adventure, published in Savage Insider Vol. 3 Issue 1, April 2015.




144181The Damned: During WWII, the Nazis thought they found the resting place of the Holy Grail, but what they found was decidedly unholy. A horror one-shot, published in Savage Insider Vol. 2 Issue 2, February 2015.




124629Dogs of War: An old underground kennel for training battle dogs holds a dark secret. A fantasy one-shot, published in Savage Insider #10, April 2014.




And I have tons more for free over at my Savage Worlds blog, Get Savaged!

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